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Wellesley MA

Coming into this project soon after contractors had broken ground, Shoplick Landscape Architecture worked quickly to refine the preliminary layout and grading for the property's southern entry garden and rear sunken courtyard garden. Efforts included developing the design's details, completing the construction drawings for the wall fountain, wall lattices and stonework, and specifying all of the plants. In a second phase, Shoplick Landscape Architecture designed the home's northern garden.


Grove Street cont.

One of the primary goals of this Wellesley garden design was to create a secluded garden oasis that the homeowners could enjoy each night when they returned home from work. To create a sense of calm in each day's fading light, the plant palette incorporated many white flowered and variegated plants that appeared to glow at dusk. The sound of water falling from the custom-designed wall fountain also contributes to the peaceful setting. 

Creating privacy was important to the homeowner. To achieve privacy while maximizing the limited space in the narrow side yards, Shoplick found large Japanese Capitata Yews, the lower branches of which had been completely browsed away by deer. The Yews' reddish brown textured trunks were planted close to the surrounding white fence while their broad dense evergreen heads spread out to screen the views above the fence.


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