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We are grateful to team with our clients and design partners to create exceptional outdoor places.

"The backyard looks great - we are just thrilled with how it turned out. So thank you for putting so much thought into it. We had some neighbors over last night for dessert and they could not believe the difference in the space - I mean they really just kept saying, I can't believe the transformation. And watching the children (there were nearly 20) running around and having fun in the backyard was really satisfying."

KM, Belmont


"The backyard is transformed – I can’t stop going out and looking at it.  It’s a beautifully defined space now and feels so welcoming.  Thank you so much for your great ideas.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you did.  What a difference it makes to have a beautiful room to enjoy instead of a patch of grass with a view of a chain-link fence."
JG, Newton

"Thank you so much for your wonderful planting plan and for your continued email support."
RG, Lexington

"When we are conceptualizing a new home, or are modifying an existing one, the siting of the home or addition is a key factor in the design process. Landscape Architects, in general, add a tremendous amount of aesthetic value to a project; not only do they select the plantings that bring a finished home to life, but their role in developing the project from the initial conception is invaluable. The responsibility of figuring out the grading of the site, so that our designs can work harmoniously with their surroundings, is a key role a Landscape Architect plays in the process. Jane Shoplick has been our go-to Landscape Architect for several years, and we have collaborated on multiple successful projects. Jane is the quintessential team player – always willing to work through a design challenge on a complicated site, always with a smile on her face and a positive attitude; we absolutely love working with Shoplick Associates! Jane is always at the top of our list when we need to collaborate with a Landscape Architect on a project."

David Boronkay, Slocum Hall Design Group


"Your plan is amazing, by the way, I don't know if I said that yet but it's really spectacular!! AND you cranked it out so quickly! We are really pleased, Jane!!"
RG, Newton


"Judy and I were very pleased to receive the masterplan. We plan to frame the color drawings - they are a work of art. There is a lot to digest, but many of the ideas seem quite inspired. I particularly like the idea of grass on both sides of the driveway, the orchard, and the birch trees in the back yard with wildflowers."
JV, Norwich, VT

Jane, thanks for this great package of drawings.  Design, detail, and diligence achieves par excellence as usual, The directional layout of the entry paving particularly captures the landscape expression of the building design and flows to the interior seamlessly.
 - Bradley L. Shotola, AIA, BLS Architects

We hired Jane Shoplick to design a plan for landscaping our totally blank yard.  She came to our house with an impressive portfolio of projects, many of which were considerably larger than our yard.  We discussed design ideas and our preferences in some detail and then Jane came up with two potential plans, one more casual and one more formal.  The plans were works of art in themselves!  Jane also worked well around existing elements (we have two huge copper beech trees that we wanted to preserve) and in using existing plants where possible.  We combined elements from both of the plans (mostly the casual one) and made a few other adjustments to end up with the final design.  Jane was then very helpful in organizing landscaper quotes and helping us manage the process of choosing plants and getting the landscaping completed.  She did very detailed and careful work and provided us with whatever we asked for in terms of information.  She has also been helpful subsequently in providing advice about replacing some of the plants that did not survive the winter.   

 D.S, Arlington

I was very impressed with her. She stayed when the guys were here with the bulldozer to make sure that things were done correctly. She was accurate with everything and designed something beautiful. She was easy to talk to and very professional.

Angie's List

Shoplick helped us keep the contractor in line.  They were very helpful in this aspect.  

Angie's List

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